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Commissions and Consulting

Most of our paying work is through commissions or consulting contracts, which we have negotiated on a case-by-case basis in the past. This includes a lot of different kinds of work, so it's hard to be specific about rates, terms, and turn-around time.


By far the most common commissioned work we do is writing.

Terry Hancock has written for numerous online and a few print publications in the technology area, especially regarding open-source software and open projects.

Rosalyn Hunter has written technical and scientific articles, as well as extensive fiction writing (typically short-stories and novellas).

Art Design

We've had some success with art design for 3D projects and filmmaking.

Typically a 3-view design work on mechanical or creature designs costs anywhere from $200 to $600, depending on the complexity of the project and the terms that apply to the project. I'm also willing to consider working on a spec basis on projects I consider particularly worthy (typically open movies or similar projects).

The cost is essentially based on working at $50/hour on the design, quoted in advance. So if it looks like an 8-hour job to me, I'm going to quote $400.

I also charge more if there are NDA requirements.

Filmmaking, 3D Models, etc.

We also can produce finished results, using our studio contacts, ranging from 3D models for film or game use and completed film work (such as PSAs, product videos, explainers, and/or advertising).

We're building up our portfolio, so we can likely quote a discount rate on short projects if we can reuse the video here.

Software Development

Although we did a lot in the past, we are no longer taking software development work. Estimating costs and schedule is too difficult and there's too much risk of the projects spiraling out of control and negatively impacting our other work.